Ritika Sajdeh (Rohit Sharma Wife) Biography, Age, Height, Profession, Family, Photos

Ritika Sajdeh (Rohit Sharma Wife) Biography, Age, Height, Profession, Family, Photos & All Interesting Facts.

Fast Info Age: 33 Years Height: 5’ 3” Marriage Date: 13 December 2015
Ritika Sajdeh (Rohit Sharma Wife) Biography, Age, Height, Profession, Family, Photos
Ritika Sajdeh (Rohit Sharma Wife) Biography, Age, Height, Profession, Family, Photos

Ritika Sajdeh Rohit Sharma Wife Biography, Age, Height, Profession, Family, Photos

Personal Life: Now We talk about Ritika Sajdeh Height, Age, Birth Place, School, College, Religion etc.

Full Name Ritika Sajdeh
Nickname Rits
Date of Birth  21 December 1987
Age 33 Years, in 2021
Religion Hindu
Nationality Indian
Birth Place Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius

Ritika Sajdeh Family

Father Name Bobby Sajdeh
Father-in-law: Tina Sajdeh
Marital Status Married (2015-Present)
Ritika Sajdeh Husband / Spouse Rohit Sharma
Marriage Date 13 December 2015
Profession Sports Manager


Children Daughter– Samaria Sharma
Brother Kunal Sajdeh
Net Worth N/A
Caste Brahmin


Ritika Sajdeh (Rohit Sharma Wife)
Ritika Sajdeh (Rohit Sharma Wife)

Ritika Sajdeh Physical Attributes & Stats:


Height 5′ 3″ ft. (161 cm)
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Weight  55 kg
Hobbies Water Sports and Travelling


  • College = N/A
  • School = N/A

Ritika Sajdeh Biography

Friends, today we are going to talk about another dashing batsman’s wife. Yes, we are talking about Ritika, the wife of another explosive batsman from India.

While Rohit Sharma continues to make headlines about the wife of India’s batting batsman Rohit Sharma, She continues to make headlines even after Ritika’s arrival.

It is probably not wrong to say that Rithika is one of the most beautiful wives of Indian cricket players. Ritika is very beautiful and is very calm in nature. She made Rohit Sharma his convincing due to his beauty.

Although Ritika’s career is as a sports event manager, her story is no less than a film story.  As Virat and Anushka met at an event.  Something similar happened between these two.  Rohit Sharma and Ritika also met at an event.

Ritika Sajdeh Rohit Sharma Wife Biography

Ritika Sajdeh Age

She was born on 21 December 1987. She married Rohit Sharma and in the year 2018, She also had a girl. His daughter name is Samayara Sharma.

Ritika Sajdeh daughter Samayara Sharma
Ritika Sajdeh daughter Samayara Sharma

It is said that Ritika met Rohit Sharma for the first time in the middle of an ad campaign. After this meeting, this friendship continued for a very long time.

Constantly dating each other and meeting each other. In 2015, both of them decided to marry each other and it became another happy couple.

Ritika Sajdeh Marriage

They decided to get married on 13 December 2017. There was a time when Rohit Sharma was playing a match against Sri Lanka.

This was the day of 13 December 2017, yes it was the same day when they got married. On that day, something happened that upon seeing Ritika’s eyes filled with tears. Where on December 13, Rohit Sharma gave his wife a similar gift by scoring another double century of his career.

Who will not only remember his wife but will also remember the entire world. On the same day, She scored a double century, gave India a big score and also gave an unbeatable gift to fellow Ritika, after which, consider the entire stadium.

Ritika Sajdeh love Story

Both became known to each other, but it took them a long time to convert into marriage. It took more than 6 years for them to get married and kept dating each other for 6 years. Continually met together but eventually they decided to get married in the year 2015 after which they became a wonderful couple.

Ritika Sajdeh Rohit Sharma Wife FAMILY
Ritika Sajdeh Rohit Sharma Wife FAMILY

Rohit Sharma Wife

Like the wives of many Indian players, Ritika has also been seen in the stadium many times and it also emerges in front of her. In the presence of Ritika many times, Rohit Sharma has done many great feats.

There are many centuries and this lady luck surprised everyone by putting in a double century. By the time Ritika is on the field, Rohit Sharma’s performance has improved. They can score more good for India।

As we have already told you that whenever Ritika is on the field, then Rohit Sharma played very well Recently, Rohit Sharma scored 1 century, in which Ritika was present in the field.

Ritika Sajdeh Rohit Sharma Wife
Ritika Sajdeh Rohit Sharma Wife


It is said that there is a way to mix between every love, like Shikhar Dhawan and his wife were met by Harbhajan Singh. 

This was the way Rohit Sharma and Ritika met.  Another batsman from India was made by Yuvraj Singh. 

It is said that Yuvraj Singh was the first person who introduced Rohit Sharma to Ritika, after which Ritika and Rohit started to love each other so much that the two later married.

Ritika Sajdeh Rohit Sharma Wife FAMILY


  • It is said that ritika is fond of doggies she is a dogi lover.
  • She considers India’s batsman Yuvraj Singh as his brother.
  • Ritika was born in Nagpur, Mumbai.
  • She first met Rohit Sharma during an ad shoot.
  • She is best known for India’s famous actress Madhuri Dixit.
  • Also has a brother named Kunal Sajdeh.
  • Ritika is also associated with PETA India, a dog care organization.
  • Ritika Akshar gets emotional after seeing Rohit Sharma’s batting performance.  She often weeps in the middle of the field.
  • She has also worked as a manager for Rohit Sharma.
  • Recently, when Ritika reached the ground,  Rohit Sharma was hit 161 runs.

Interesting Facts & Frequently asked questions

#1 Who is husband of Ritika Sajdeh ?

Ans. Ritika Sajdeh husband name is Rohit Sharma.

#2 Where is Ritika Sajdeh from?

Ans. Ritika Sajdeh was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

#3 What is the height of Ritika Sajdeh ?

Ans. Ritika Sajdeh height is 5ft. 3” (161 cm).

#5 What is Net Worth of Ritika Sajdeh?

Ans. Ritika Sajdeh Net Worth 2021 – $1 Million

#6 Who is the father of Ritika Sajdeh?

Ans. Bobby Sajdeh is Father of her.

#7 How old is Ritika Sajdeh?

Ans. 33 years (21 December 1987)

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