Yuvraj Sisodiya One of the Youngest Cricket Expert & Analyst 2020 Yuvraj Sisodiya Biography

One Of The Youngest Cricket Expert & Analyst. Yuvraj Sisodiya, known professionally as Cricket Expert, is an Indian YouTube personality based in India. Yuvraj is notable for producing YouTube videos concerning Cricket in Hindi.

Yuvraj Sisodiya Youngest Cricket Expert & Analyst
Yuvraj Sisodiya

Who Is Yuvraj Sisodiya ?

Yuvraj Sisodiya is an Indian YouTuber & Blogger. He was born on 24 June in  India. He is also known as Youngest Cricket Analyst & Cricket Expert . Yuvraj  started his YouTube channel 99 Cricket News in 2019. Till now he managed to get more than 150k+ subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Cricket has been one of the most celebrated sports in the country. The game has expanded and however since the introduction of T-20 leagues. The fantasy teams competition is something which has flourished like anything since a couple of years. There has been a rise of cricket experts lately and Yuvraj Sisodiya is one such name who has been making waves on the internet. The cricket expert has been everyone’s favourite on social media.

Yuvraj Sisodiya mostly shared Cricket related videos in Hindi language on his channel.

The biggest cricket fantasy site of India Dream11 is very popular among all the cricket lovers. Yuvraj has not only been an active participant in Dream11 contest but he has also minted a lot of money and simultaneously helped many of his followers win big in the contests. The cricket expert keeps all his followers updated about the happenings in the world of cricket, be it on-field or off-field.

Youngest Cricket Analyst

Be it T20, ODI, domestic or international cricket, he always makes sure to give previews and predictions about the cricket matches. Yuvraj Sisodiya gained everyone’s attention through his YouTube channel. He has got an impressive 117K subscribers on his channel, all thanks to the kind of video content he has been posting on his channel.

Taking about his love for cricket, he said, “Since my childhood, I have been following the game of cricket. It gives me real joy when people consider my advice as expert advice. More than that, I feel happy because as per my knowledge I try to make them win the fantasy game and it is a great feeling when people start recognizing me as a known cricket expert.”

Q1. When did you begin your YouTube Journey?

I started making videos around 2 years ago in class 11th. But I began consistently 1 years ago. I had a very cheap laptop, and I had to use the microphone on the computer to record my videos.
Yes, that was a rough start, but then I went to college and learned a lot about technology, and I often used to research how to get famous? And soon, in the process of helping my curious I started making videos on it and also other videos that could provide value to the viewers on my channel.

Q2. What was on your mind when you uploaded the 1st video on YouTube?

When I first started, I didn’t think like I wanted to become a  YouTuber. It was just like posting a photo on Instagram, just for the heck of it. I did not overthink it. It took a lot of courage for me to be on camera because I was an shy guy.

Q3. What are the challenges you faced during the early stages of your YouTube career?

The 1st challenge was money. When you come on YouTube, people say you don’t need much money to get started. But, if you want to reach that height and want to be the best, you need a lot of money. I did not even have a dslr to shoot.
And since I am an introvert getting over that part and coming in front of the camera was also a complicated process, but doing it over and over again improves your skill.
And about the subscribers part during the initial days, the view count and subscribers were very less, but the growth increases exponentially after a certain amount of time.

Q4. Who supported you in your journey?

Everybody, from family everyone has helped me a lot. I never think twice before asking for help, and everyone was very supportive. I just had to call if I needed some help, and it would be done. And now, as I turned youtube into a business, I have a team that helps me making videos, and they are also super helpful.

Q5. Did at any time were you running behind likes/followers/subscribers?

Yes, when it comes to social media, it is our job to run behind likes followers and stuff. But, I felt it’s important not to get caught up in the numbers but what the numbers mean. Like more followers and likes, say they are enjoying your content. I am more into how people feel after watching my content. Because if people enjoy your content, these numbers will automatically grow.

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